Pontus Fontaeus, Founder and Creative Design Director at “peefdee” since 2010. Interior Design Director at Volvo 2007-10, Advanced Design Manager at KIA 2004-07, Supervisor Interior Design at Volkswagen, Senior Designer at Renault 1996-2001…  
Graham Pepall, freelance automotive designer since 1958 and guest lecturer at School University of Umeå and Hong Kong PolyUniversity Design. Design Manager at British Leyland 1968-79 and Chief Designer at Daewoo 1996-99. Worked with mythical automotive personalities Giovanni Micholotti, Alec Issigonis, David Bache, Tom Matano, Colin Chapman, John DeLorean… 
 Tony Pettman
Tony Pettman, Freelance Automotive Designer and Artist. Since 1995 worked for such illustrious names as Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Volvo Cars, SAAB, Mitsubishi, DAF Trucks and Nissan to name but a few.
Ari Rocha, pioneer of Brazilian industrial and automotive design, with large experience both in industry and university.
 Carlos Salaff
Carlos Salaff, Founder and Creative Director at SALAFF, a modern atelier specializing in high-performance artisan vehicles. Working at Mazda 2003-2012, he was instrumental in the creation of several concept and production vehicles.