THE BEST DESIGNED CAR 2012 AWARD, winners by category

CONCEPT CARS by the Jury

 Peugeot Onyx 1st – Peugeot Onyx, “Nice proportions. A real Peugeot, yet pushing the boundaries of the brand. Brilliant use of materials. The best concept car, without any discussion.”, Bart Lenaerts 
 Citroën Numéro 9 2nd – Citroën Numéro 9, “Big Citroën’s work best when they’re allowed to be really big, with elegant proportions and quirky detailing.”, Jonathan Bell 
 Lexus LF-LC 3rd – Lexus LF-LC, “Not just a wildly-proportioned, fascinatingly-surfaced sports car, this represents the coming of age of a brand that’s been struggling to find its own identity for over 20 years. Wonderful interior too.”, Owen Ready 


 Ferrari F12berlinetta 1st – Ferrari F12berlinetta, “Beautiful supercar that is entirely new and modern but unreservedly Ferrari. Its overall aesthetic is sublime, blending functional aerodynamic elements into its design. The design values of the exterior are also communicated through the use of materials and detailing in the interior.”, Eric Gallina
 Aston Martin Vanquish 2nd – Aston Martin Vanquish, “A beautiful merging of smooth surfaces and the elegance of lines make the icon of dynamic sculpture”, Emmanuele Nicosia 
 Renault Clio
3rd – Renault Clio, “The Renault Clio succeeds in adapting and translating the surface language of the DeZir Concept to a B-segment car, resulting in a balanced, clean design that stands out from many of the current styling trends and contributes to build a distinctive brand identity.”, Marco Traverso 

CONCEPT CARS by public referendum

 Chery TX 1st – Chery TX, “A nice surprise, has a really good stance and the theme is well executed. Shapes and lines are perhaps a little too over expressive, but overall I think it is a good strong design.”, Patrick le Quément 
 Alpine A110-50 2nd – Renault Alpine A110-50, “It is really good to see some of the well-known, unique Renault design cues and playfulness but this time with great volumes and stance, fluid and rounded shapes. That this concept car is a real race car that drives on the track like a “bat out of hell”! It’s really cool. Coup de chapeau à Renault Design!”, Pontus Fontaeus 
 Citroën Numéro 9 3rd – Citroën Numéro 9, “Beautiful car with outstanding proportions! This car really demonstrates that Citroën has new high ambitions for future premium segment cars. I find very impressive how Citroën managed to develop a whole brand of production car in such a short time. The DNK is the same but all models have their own strong styling cues. I really believe Numéro 9 is the first of future memorable Citroën DS concept cars.”, Philip Nemeth 

PRODUCTION CARS by public referendum

 Ferrari F12berlinetta1st – Ferrari F12berlinetta, “outstanding V12 performance in a very sexy body! The overall design impression and craftsmanship is a good indication of Ferrari seriously competing with the other supercar OEM’s and beating them. This will become one of the most collectable and special vehicles ever made.”, Daniel Darancou 
 Lamborghini Aventador J
2nd – Lamborghini Aventador J, “It boldly eliminates the windshield, enabling new design opportunities. This, along with an exciting split-cockpit, raises the bar for future super-car production models.”, Yovan Vujacic
 Land Rover Range Rover
3rd – Land Rover Range Rover, “It was never going to be an easy project and there’s some question over whether this latest version has lost some of its majesty in favour of a little too much jewelry, but on the road its elegance is unmatched. This latest incarnation widens its appeal to key markets without losing its core appeal.”, Owen Ready