THE BEST DESIGNED CAR 2013 AWARD, winners by category

CONCEPT CARS by the jury

  1st – Citroën Cactus, “Does what a good concept vehicle should: thoughtful material usage,thought provoking forms and details. Small footprint design solution. Fresh looking.”, John Manoogian 
  2nd – Cadillac Elmiraj, “A superb proposal for a future Cadillac flagship, which the company desperately needs in its lineup.”, Eric Gallina 
  3rd – BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso, “It’s a kind of re-interpresentation of Italian taste with German luxury brand. Carrozzeria spirit reborn!”, Marc Ma 


  1st – BMW i3, “You need to have cojones to produce such a car.”, Ralf Becker 
  2nd – Volkswagen XL1, “This is the best and most successful execution of pure aero principles to a production vehicle.  Others like GM’s EV 1 and Honda insight had tried, but not as successful in transforming to clean and easily understandable form.”, Tom Matano 
  3rd – Jaguar F-Type Coupe, “Shows how to combine traditional Jaguar expression in a sharp, modern statement.”, Michael Ani 

CONCEPT CARS by public referendum

  1st – BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso, “A beautiful desirable offspring of unrestrained Italian elegance meeting BMW excellence.”, Patrick le Quément 
  2nd – Cadillac Elmiraj, “It would be a pleasure to see Cadillac put a car into production with this much refinement, beauty, and taste.”, Carlos Salaff 
  3rd – Opel Monza, “All car companies do their best work during tough times. This car can put Opel on the road to leadership. Build a sedan, coupe and this Monza version as a unique brand in choice dealerships and people will line up to buy one!”, Daniel Darancou 

PRODUCTION CARS by public referendum

 1st – Jaguar F-Type Coupe, “Re-invention is hard to do but a modern interpretation of the old E-Type classic in my view works well and looks classy especially in R trim level. Cool Cat.”, Tony Pettman
  2nd – Bertone Aston Martin Rapide, “Possibly the best looking estate wagon ever. It’s great to see such top level design coming from Bertone.  A design that blends perfectly with Aston Martin’s impeccable lineup.”, Paul Deutschman
  2nd – Volkswagen XL1, “Extremely modern and technical orientated design. Simple and chic.”, Peter Neumann