Third Design Challenge attracted 104 projects from all around the world and speakers has chosen winner. Task was to “Design new car body type for transition economies in 2020” and competitors are divided in two categories – Young designers and Professionals. 89 projects are done by Young designers and 19 by Professionals, people with internship or employment experience in automotive industry. Winner in Young Designers category is Mirko Vujičić (23) student from Bosnia & Herzegovina at University of Arts in Belgrade. Second is Acatrinei Lucian Nicolae (25), previous Local Motors winner and third is young Czech designer Michaël van Vuuren. Among Professionals, unanimously voted as winner is American David Olsen, designer at Kenworth, followed by László Fogarasi-Benkő, Hungarian designer who finished internship at BMW and third is Korean student Sung Hyun Kim currently at internship in Mercedes.

Young Designers Winner – Mirko Vujičić

Young Designers 2nd place – Acatrinei Lucian Nicolae – iMV


Young Designers 3rd place – Michaël van Vuuren – Road Yacht

Pro Designers Winner – David Olsen – OUT

Pro Designers 2nd place – László Fogarasi-Benkő – Dacia Crawler

Pro Designers 3rd place – Sung Hyun Kim – LDV