Auto® 2012 Design Challenge was organised in cooperation with CarDesign.Ru, CarDesignCommunity and GrabCad. Jury, as usual, was made out of Auto® conference speakers (Peter Stevens, Alessio Minchella, Dario Dropucic and Elena Ristancevska), but this year Prof Gordon Murray joined us for voting. 2012 task was to design urban micro electric vehicle (µEV). Urban mobility market is booming. By 2015 thirty million scooters will be sold annually. People are buying them to move fast through urban traffic, to park where car can’t and to save on fuel. In the same time, many commuters don’t choose two wheelers because they’re neither comfortable nor driveable in all weather. This niche is so big that manufacturers started to create vehicles just for them. Motorcycle companies experiment with bigger and automotive with smaller vehicles. They all fight for same people. We challenged you to create the most desirable urban vehicle of them all and received 119 projects from all over the world. Participants are divided in two categories, according to their work experience: Young Designers – those who never worked or obtained internship in automotive industry and Professionals – those who works or have worked in automotive industry, including internship. A selection of works was on display during Auto® conference. Clay Modelling Workshop organised by Custom Creations and Dario Dropucic has chosen three projects and created 1:8 clay models.

Young Designers Winner – Stojčo Dobrev – ct velo

Young Designers 2nd place – Cobus Marx – X Bike

Young Designers 3rd place – Acatrinei Lucian Nicolae – ePack

Pro Designers Winner – Mathew Rogers – XXS

Pro Designers 2nd place – Serge Totsky – Urban City Concept

Pro Designers 3rd place – Michal Kukučka – Urban Cruiser