Vedran Martinek is the winner of the sixth Auto® Design Challenge. Challenge was organised in cooperation with University of Zagreb FSAE team – FSB Racing Team of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. Task was to design body, colour scheme and team logo for next season FSAE. Four members jury has chosen four best projects. After Martinek, best project list continues Davor Vrbos (Polytechnic High School Karlovac, student) and Milan Jasnić (Megatrend University, student).

Vedran Martinek (30), Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin graduate, worked in 2012 for Custom Creations and with Dario Dropučić to design two e-bikes – Black Tie After5 and Visiobike. Later that year two of them created Absolute Design, the first transportation design studio in Croatia. Currently they are designing e-minibus in cooperation with University of Zagreb and Equal, car for disabled people. In December of 2013 Martinek has won Extrememachines design challenge for hybrid sports trike Tiburon.

FSB Racing Team formula for 2015 will be finished by November of 2014. Five best projects from the sixth Auto® Design Challenge will be presented during Auto® automotive design conference that will take place during Zagreb design week, 23-27 April.

Vedran Martinek FSAE

Winner – Vedran Martinek

Davor Vrbos FSAE

2nd place – Davor Vrbos

Milan Jasnic FSAE

3rd place – Milan Jasnić