Rimac Automobili, Director of Design

Adriano Mudri (b. Karlovac – Croatia) graduated Industrial Design at FH Joanneum (2007) and Transportation Design at SPD (2009-10). Worked at┬áSpirit Design (2005-06) as Design Intern, Grasser Racing (2007-08) as Freelance Designer, Magna-Steyr (2008) as Exterior Designer, Diverse (2009-10) as Freelance Exterior Designer, Adam Opel (2010-2011) as Interior Design Sculptor, Rimac Automobili (2010-2011) as Lead Exterior Designer, Magna Steyr (2011) as Interior Design Sculptor and Qoros Auto (2012-14) as Exterior Designer. Since 2010 works for Rimac Automobili as Head of Design.

The most important project

2018 Rimac C_Two
2011 Rimac Concept_One