Jaguar Land Rover, Creative Designer

Alessio Minchella (b. 1984, Abruzzo РItaly) graduated Transportation Design at IED (2007). Worked for IED (2006-14) reaching position of Lecturer, Stile Bertone (2007) as Intern, AutoStudi (2007-09) reaching position of Designer, Black (2009-10) as Design Consultant, Pininfarina (2010) as CAS Consultant, Forum Ricerrche e Progetti (2010) as Exterior Design Consultant, Vercarmodel Saro (2011) as CAS Consultant, H2politO (2012) as Design Consultant, Astheimer (2012) as Design Consultant, QuartoStile (2011-13) as Exterior Designer, Tecnocar (2014) as Team Leader. Since 2014 works for Land Rover as S.V.O. Creative Designer.