Awarded by the most expert automotive jury ever conceived

The winners of The Best Designed Car 2012 Award have been announced. Winners have been chosen by the largest and most respectable jury ever conceived for any car design award made by 48 car design experts and public voting. Election is organised by Scuderia Zagreb. To keep things simple, winners are chosen in two categories only – concept and production cars. Jury members share 4, 2 and 1 points. For Second year in a row, judges have chosen Peugeot’s design as winner in concept cars category. Supercar Peugeot Onyx clearly won in concept cars category with 55 votes. It’s followed by another French design – Citroën Numéro 9 with 36 votes. Battle for third place was much more dramatic, four cars are separated by one point only, Lexus LF-LC has won with 27 points. Followed by Renault Alpine A110-50, McLaren P1 and Infinity Emerg-E. In production cars category a group of six cars stood out. Ferrari F12berlinetta took victory with 38 points, being followed by Aston Martin Vanquish, 34 points, and Renault Clio, 30 points. Honourable mention goes to VW Golf, Land Rover Range Rover and Jaguar F-Type.

In public referendum 2394 petrolheads voted online. In concept cars category Chinese patriotism dominated and half of all votes went to Chery TX. Second place goes to Renault Alpine A110-50 and third to Citroën Numéro 9. They’re followed closely by Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force and Peugeot Onyx. In production cars category clear victory went, again, to Ferrari F12berlinetta, followed by group of four cars divided just by several votes. Second place took one-off Lamborghini Aventador J and third Land Rover Range Rover. Close opponents were Aston Martin Vanquish and Touring Superleggera Disco Volante 2012.

Conclusions? French car design in general is fantastic! All major French car manufacturers have swept election by wining almost half of all awards (5/12) for second year in a row. Renault was even awarded for two different cars, same as Citroën last year. Latest, or last, Pininfarina designed Ferrari is stunner. Lexus has finally found its identity and Chinese Chery has found great design team.

Prize giving ceremony last year took place in Zagreb (Croatia), at the largest automotive design conference in Europe and this year it will be same event but at different location – Monza (Italy) race track on 1st June during Coppa Intereuropa, the largest Italian classic car track race.

Trophy is solid molten aluminium abstract cube, as by our opinion this material embodies car design best. To stay updated follow our blog!