The winners of third “The Best Designed Car Award” (TBDCA) have been announced. Winners for 2013 have been chosen by respectable jury conceived out of 17 car design experts and public voting. Election is organised by Scuderia Zagreb. To keep things simple, winners are chosen in two categories only – concept and production cars. Jury members share 3, 2 and 1 points. For TBDCA 2013 classically elegant coupes and high-tech cars dominated. In concept category, true dream cars dominated with two huge coupes, BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso winer by public referendum and gaining third place by jury and Cadillac Elmiraj winning second place in both selections. In production category Jaguar F-Type coupe has won public referendum and was voted for third place by jury. Aerodynamic coupe Volkswagen XL1 has won second places in both selections. Seems like classical elegance and simplicity is trending now.

The Best Designed Car Award 2013 jury was made by following respectable members: Michael Ani (Makkina), Ralf Becker (Chrom Juwelen), Jonathan Bell (Wallpaper*), Marco Bonetto (Bonetto Design), Daniel Darancou (CH-Auto Design), Paul Deutschman (freelance), Jan Fellstrom (Fachhochschule Pforzheim), Eric Galina (Form Trends), Bart Lenaerts (Waft), Roy Lonberger (MagnaDesign), Marc Ma (Zhongyu Automotive Research Institute), John Manoogian II (Forza Blitz Design), Tsutonu “Tom” Matano (University San Francisco), Peter Neumann (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München), Tony Pettman (freelance), Patrick le Quément (Sustainable Design School), Carlos Salaff (SALAFF).

Citroën Cactus dominated this year election in concept cars category by judges selection, winning 50% votes more than Cadillac Elmiraj in second place and double votes of BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso. Citroën has dominated TBDCA in every edition so far.

BMW has won the first place ever with high-tech BMW i3. It won judges votes followed closely by Volkswagen XL1 on second place and group of three cars among which Jaguar F-Type gained one vote advantage in front of BMW i8 and Ferrari LaFerrari.

Public referendum has chosen BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso as the best designed concept car in 2013 with 30% of votes, followed by Cadillac Elmiraj with 25% and Opel Monza, another elegant coupe, with 18%.

The winner in production cars, by public referendum was easily taken by Jaguar F-Type coupe winning 25% and, for the first time, two cars sharing second place. Bertone Aston Martine Rapide and Volkswagen XL1, both winning 19%.

Conclusions? As never before BMW design and cars “Designed in Germany” dominated TBDCA by taking half of awards. Italian art of coach-building is appreciated as ever. We deeply regret Bertone closing even more because exquisite Rapide shooting break is their swan song. French obvious absence, if compered to previous editions, is due to life changing cycle.

The Best Designed Car Award 2013 jury
The Best Designed Car Award 2013 Winners