monkDESIGN, Owner

Adriana Monk graduated Product Design at Art Center College of Design (1995). Worked for BMW (1995-99) as Design Manager, Rolls-Royce (1988-99) as Designer, Ford (2001-02) as Design Manager, Lincoln (2001-05) as Design Manager, Jaguar Land Rover (2004-06) as Chief Designer, Wally (2006-09) as Chief Designer, IUM (2012-15 as Visiting Professor, RCA (2012-15 as Visiting Professor and Montaag (2014-15) as Lead Interior Designer. In 2006 founded monkDESIGN where she works as Design Director ever since.

The most important projects

2013 WallyCento
2009 Wally Y3K
2009 Lincoln MKS
2007 Jaguar C- XF
2004 Range Rover Stormer
2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom
2003 Lincoln Navicross
2002 Lincoln Continental Concept